From Concept to Mass Production

We make it real

Ionics is your trusted partner in bringing your products to life. With over 41 years of experience, Ionics-EMS holds true to the reliability, best in class quality and scalability of our Production.

Ionics-EMS successfully serves the worlds most recognizable and demanding OEM’s, as well the Silicon Valley’s most innovative start-ups in the Telecommunications Infrastructure, Automotive, Medical, Data Storage, RF Modules, Consumer Electronics and IoT Space.

We are committed to our customer’s success, striving for long-term partnerships, like our current customer base, averaging 10-15 years of partnership.


Brief History of Ionics

Why Philippines?

The Philippines Labor Force is Educated, Vibrant and Ambitious
The Philippines is known for its highly educated Labor pool with over 25% of its population under 25 years old. Mixing the ambitions of this new generation of workers is the fluency of the national language, English, and the awareness and knowledge of what matters in the global marketplace.
IP Protection is Secured
IP Protection is closely monitored through preventative measures and regional circumstances.
1. Ionics Internal IP Protection Practices
2. The Philippines government is vigilant with emphasis on such illegal activities and readiness to prosecute IP fraud.
3. The culture of the Philippines is embedded with western business values and lawful regard.
Ease of Logistics
PEZA (Philippine Economic Zone Authority) is the Philippine government's task agency to enable businesses to have accommodations unlike anything found in most of Asia: JIT delivery, low costs for shipping and handling, no bureaucracy, no graph and consistent practices. With such streamlined government guidelines there is zero graft and no corruption in the incoming and outgoing stages of the shipping process.